Cynthia Morgan Lashes Out At Fans Who Bashed Her Dress Sense

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Cynthia Morgan Lashes Out At Fans Who Bashed Her Dress Sense
The last time we checked, Cynthia still has a penchant for flaunting her boobs on the social media and she is not ready to stop anytime soon.

The German Juice crooner once again took to Instagram to show off her twin towers.

She recently put up a picture of her, revealing her pink bra and boobs. Her fans would have none of it and immediately criticized such an action.

One of them puts it this way: “You are happy with your pose and ungodly dressing. What legacy do you intend leaving behind for your children? Money isn’t all that matters, reputation also speaks.”

In the same vein, another fan says:  “This your dress up is just cheap and trashy. You don’t have to dress like a cheap slut to get attention Miss German juice.”

Cynthia Morgan who doesn’t seem to have any care in the world over what anyone feels about her dress sense took to her Instagram page to give her critics a piece of her mind

“My dress sense is me. That’s why I am Cynthia Morgan, you all should go join up real soon just like me and my nose ring legion now. Keep your uncivilized comments. I can even decide to tie a wrapper to the club”

(Cynthia Morgan / PHOTO: Instagram)

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