Jay Z & Beyonce ‘Beyond Miserable’ Together, Says Body Language Expert

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Jay Z & Beyonce ‘Beyond Miserable’ Together, Says Body Language Expert
Jay Z & Beyonce are likely to break up soon!

Beyonce and Jay Z are usually very good at faking a smile in front of the cameras. But at a recent event for the 34-year-old "Dangerously In Love" singer's launch party for protégé Sophie Beem in L.A. on Sunday, not even Queen B could hide her true feelings!

According to body language expert to the stars, Dr. Lillian Glass, "They have never looked so disconnected before and it is painfully obvious that they are both just beyond miserable!" Click through seven recent photos as RadarOnline.com exclusively reveals what other tell-tale signs are pointing to an imminent divorce!

"Jay Z has never looked as unhappy and angry as he does on this particular night," Dr. Glass said. "He has a furrowed brow and there is a lot of tension between his eyes. Those are both huge signs of anger and discontent."

"Beyonce's head is bowed down and her facial expression is not what it usually is when there is a camera on her," Dr. Glass, who has not worked with the megastar couple, said. "She cannot even hide her misery anymore, nor is she trying to disguise it."

"Another huge sign of distress is in this photo. Jay Z is walking in front of her and is not helping her down the stairs or even acknowledging his wife," Dr. Glass added. "They are not touching and there is so much distance between them emotionally."

"This was supposed to be a big night for Beyonce and Jay Z is not showing her any affection or attention. It is obvious from these photos that he just wants to get out of there. Her body language just basically says that she does not want to be by his side anymore," Dr. Glass told Radar.

But it is not just this outing that causes concern! As Radar previously reported, tension has been building between the billionaire parents to Blue Ivy, 4, and it was even apparent when they attended a recent Clippers game in L.A., Dr. Glass said.

Signs that their marriage is crumbling were obvious last week when they were even allegedly caught in a "screaming match" after attending a friend's birthday party together.  According to Dr. Glass, "Beyonce and Jay Z have not shown a united front as a couple in a very long time."

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