Peace Talks! Madonna Negotiating ‘Secret Settlement’ With Ex Guy Ritchie

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Peace Talks! Madonna Negotiating ‘Secret Settlement’ With Ex Guy Ritchie
Will the singer's estranged teen son be forced to return to America?

Madonna‘s heated custody battle with ex Guy Ritchie is nearing a shocking resolution, has exclusively learned.

Last week, a New York court ruled that the 57-year-old singer and her estranged ex-husband had to come up with a resolution on their own regarding where son Rocco, 15, will live. He’s been staying with his dad in London since Christmas, but according to a source close to the superstar, “She is not going to give up on this until she gets her way!”

“They are arranging a custody agreement right now between them that will satisfy both Madonna and Guy, as well as Rocco,” said the source.

So will the 15-year-old be forced to return to the United States to live with his mother, or will he be allowed to stay in London?

“The arrangement that they are working on will give both parents time with Rocco, but in monthly allotments,” said the source.

“In their mediation, they decided that it would be best to have Rocco stay with his mother for the school year and live with Guy for holidays and summers,” the source claimed.

However, the source told Radar that both parties did agree on one issue already: That they want the media circus to end.

“Madonna and Guy both want a decision to be made quietly, and they will not put it out in the media that they resolved it,” the source said. “But by the next court date, everything will be settled and everyone will be content.”

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