Chris Brown On Travis Scott Feud: He'd Cry Over What Rihanna & I Talk About

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Chris Brown On Travis Scott Feud: He'd Cry Over What Rihanna & I Talk About
Chris Brown & Rihanna: Travis Scott 'would cry' if he heard their secret conversations

Travis Scott wants to talk to Chris Brown over Breezy’s flirty phone calls with Rihanna, but Travis may not like what Chris has to say. has the scoop that Chris thinks if Travis ever found out all the dirty details of his talks with RiRi, he would break down and cry!

Travis Scott, 23, may want to think twice before confronting Chris Brown, 26. Travis is looking to chat with Breezy over his romantic phone calls to Travis’s bae, Rihanna, 27. Chris is fine with talking with Travis, but as has EXCLUSIVELY learned, Breezy thinks Travis better bring a box of tissues with him.

“Chris is not looking to talk to Travis about Rihanna at [Power 106’s Cali Christmas on Dec. 4.] He’s there to perform,” a source close to Breezy told But, before his haters start calling Chris a chicken, Breezy wants to avoid this run-in with out of concern for his rival!

“He would hate to see a grown man cry, And that’s just what would happen to Travis if he really knew the type of conversations [Chris] and Rihanna sometimes have.” Yes, Chris is so confident that if Travis actually confronts him, Breezy would end up laughing while the “Antidote” rapper spent the rest of the night weeping over his brand new Pumas.

After all, Chris has been chatting up his ex, inviting her to see Kobe Bryant play on Christmas or to spend some Holiday “R&R” time with him and his daughter, Royalty. With RiRi picking up whenever he makes her hotline bling, Chris sees no reason for him to fear RiRi’s new bae.

“Unlike Travis, Chris is very secure when it comes to Rihanna,” the insider said. While Travis is worried about Breezy stealing back Rihanna’s heart, Breezy doesn’t mind seeing her hang out with other guys. “He knows that no man, not Travis, not Drake, not Matt (Kemp), not this soccer player or that athlete can compete with him,” the insider added.

With this cocky attitude, no wonder Chris thinks he can win back Rihanna “in a heartbeat.” But is Breezy setting himself up for a fall? RiRi and Travis are getting close to dropping the L-word between them, and they’re both going out on a world tour together. There’s plenty of time for Travis to convince RiRi to lose Chris’s number.

Somehow, CB isn’t sweating T.Scott. Chris and RiRi “have so much history” together, the source revealed, that it may just be a matter of time. “Travis should just stay in his lane, be a good boy” the insider added, “and enjoy Ri while he can.”

What do you think about this? Should Travis enjoy what time he has with Rihanna? Or is Breezy being over-confident?

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