Model Walks Around Hong Kong Naked From The Waist Down - And Nobody Notices

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Model Walks Around Hong Kong Naked From The Waist Down - And Nobody Notices
Body-paint artist Sandra Bakker painted jeans on to a blonde model ... the model walked around Hong Kong in a t-shirt, backpack and boots, but passers-by appeared not to notice she was naked from the waist down.

A woman has walked around Hong Kong wearing nothing but a t-shirt, gold backpack and pair of boots, and passers-by barely fluttered an eyelid. The blonde model, who was naked from the waist down, had been painted to make it look like she was wearing a pair of denim skinny jeans.

A video shows the woman walking through shopping centers, riding escalators and crossing busy roads sans pants, before she takes off her backpack to reveal her t-shirt that bears the words: 'No pants are the best pants'.

Cheeky: A blonde model walked around Hong Kong wearing a t-shirt, backpack and boots without any pants

'No pants are the best pants': The faux-jeans were painted on to her body by body-paint artist Sandra Bakker

The video begins with body-paint artist Sandra Bakker carefully painting the model's bare legs. She painted the faux-denim with intricate detail and used a blend of different blues to create a distressed look.

The jeans were finished with painted pockets front and back and a seam down the side to make them appear realistic.

Intricate details: Sandra painted the jeans on with extreme detail making sure to include pockets and seams

Faux-jeans: She used different coloured blues to create a distressed look for the denim

With her pants painted on, the model stepped out on to the busy street where she crossed roads, shopped, looked at artwork and stepped on to a packed train. Despite not wearing any pants, most passers-by appeared not to notice.

It was not until she stopped to buy a train ticket that a man did a double-take, walking slowly past the woman as he looked at her 'jeans'.

Stepping out: The model walked around the streets of Hong Kong undetected

Double take: A man wearing a green shirt appeared to look at the woman's 'jeans' before standing next to her to buy a ticket

A perfect fit: Passers-by appeared not to notice the woman was not wearing pants

The woman then took off her gold backpack to reveal the words: 'No pants are the best pants'. The slogan made more people stop and notice, as the video finished with the model posing for photos alongside pedestrians and shoppers in store.

One man secretly filmed her from behind as she walked down a busy street.

Invisible to the naked eye: The woman bought a train ticket and stepped on to the packed carriage, without raising suspicion

Simply art: The woman looked at artwork as her own legs were painted to look like skinny jeans

Artist Sandra Bakker is based in Hong Kong where she is known for her professional face and body painting.

She featured in magazines and walked runways around the world before delving in to special effects make-up for horror films, TV shows and theatre productions.

The video has more than 286,000 views on YouTube

Realistic: Despite walking up and down the famous Times Square steps, no one noticed model Leah Jung had painted pants on

What model? Passers-by failed to react to the model as she walked the streets of New York

This is not the first time a near-naked model has paraded around unnoticed.

A video showed Leah Jung walking around the streets of Manhattan, New York in similar painted-on jeans as she ventured on to the subway, down the steps of Times Square and even into McDonald's for lunch.

However, one observant man came up behind her to snap a photo just as Leah turned around to catch him in the act.

Sprung! One observant man - perhaps the only one - caught the model out and paused to take a picture to prove it


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