How To Date South African Socialite Pearl Thusi

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How To Date South African Socialite Pearl Thusi
As a super socialite and part-time model, Pearl is never far from the social pages of any local publication.

The single mother and business woman established herself as a household name through brand ties with Tropika and Lovers Plus, among others. Just like her priceless namesake, she’s one sought-after lady, which is why we got her to give us some dating advice…

We want to ask you out on a date, how do we approach you?

Pearl: Don’t. Let’s let the universe bring us together. The more random time we spend together, the more likely the date will happen naturally. Unless an opportunity presents itself (like me needing help with something and you’re available), if we don’t have any mutual meetings then it just wasn’t meant to be. Forcing issues is not sexy.

What would be your worst idea of date?

No common ground or natural conversation. If I can’t chat with someone about basic things that don’t change the world, stimulation of any kind won’t occur. And if we split the bill that will be our last supper.


I’m not too fussy about surroundings and what one is wearing. Having fun in the most unexpected places with someone is awesome and really says something about the chemistry between two people. Take me to Neighbourgoods Market on a Saturday morning, or let’s walk around Melville or Arts on Main and pick a place together – I just want something relaxed and real. And I love surprises. So, surprise me.

What should a man wear on a first date?

Something that lives up to the general standard of what he usually wears. Don’t try too hard. And don’t look prettier than me!

What sort of restaurant appeals to you for a first date?

A restaurant I’ve never been to before. I love bistro’s in Parkhurst/Parktown in Jo’burg as well as learning about new food and places to find it. If the food is fresh and they have green tea and authentic decor, you can take me there.

Is there anything we just shouldn’t order?

Nah. If a girl doesn’t like you it’s not about where you are, what you ordered or what you’re wearing, she just doesn’t like you. If she finds little things that put her off, it just reinforces that or confirms her doubt. I’ll withstand whatever you eat as long as you have manners and your parents raised you well.

Do we bring you a gift?

That would earn you some major points, I love a man who thinks ahead.

Do we pick you up or meet you there?

If I’m into you, I’ll want you to pick me up. If I’m still not sure but keen, I’ll insist that I find my own way there. Thanks.

What car should we drive?

Something warm and clean – I hate being cold in a dirty car that’s not even mine.

What’s the worst mistake we can make?

Trying to show off or prove that you’re worthy of the date. Don’t flaunt, don’t brag and drag on a conversation about yourself. It’s distasteful and means you don’t take me seriously as a person. That, or your wallet is the only pride you have.

Where do you stand on pick-up lines?

Go back home, they need to raise you again! It takes a really special or talented guy to pull those off, so just don’t do it.

What do you look for in a man?

Honesty, support, a sense of humour, versatility and someone who is God loving…with a fresh breath!

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