South African Actress Pearl Thusi Strikes Gold

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South African Actress Pearl Thusi Strikes Gold
When actress Pearl Thusi first burst onto the scene it wasn't her presenting skills that got people talking, but rather her beautiful and natural afro that caught the attention of many.

She has now decided to develop her own hair care range - which was launched this week.

"As my career soared my hair's reputation also garnered its own attention. I always thought a brand would approach me and use my hair and brand to market their brand. Time went by and I realised that waiting wasn't an option. I wasn't being approached because I'd always refuse to relax my hair. That would've been like selling my soul," says Thusi.

She realised many women desired to find products to maintain their natural hair, whether or not they planned to use extensions, wigs or weaves.

"I've been asked many times what I use on my hair. And I could never respond because I was also trying to find a brand to be loyal to. I was always trying to find a product I could rely on to keep my hair healthy, especially with all the stress my hair goes through.

"And I thought to myself ... I should just do my own hair care range and stop expecting someone else to save me," she says.

And so Black Pearl was born: a hair care product that caters for all types of hair from Caucasian, curly and frizzy.

"Because the Universe/God is always listening, Ntombenhle, (owner of AfroBotanics) and I met through Jennifer Bala and decided to collaborate.

"I was really nervous but it was an opportunity I couldn't let pass me by. I want women to feel beautiful with their own hair and to take care of their hair even when using extensions, braids or wigs and weaves. I shared my thoughts and ideas with Ntombi and Jennifer helped make it real."

About the name, she says: "I'd always promised myself that I would use that name for everything I developed or embarked on. Moreover, my afro is a black pearl.

"Apart from my name being Pearl and being a proud black woman, my hair is a representation of that, a big, bold African statement that was bestowed on me by my ancestors.

"[It is] A symbol of my personality and strength. My hair has been through a lot and yet it still stands proud to be curly. Like the grains of sand that make a pearl perfect in its imperfection, so is my hair. Without all the straightening and relaxing, I wouldn't know how amazing it is. It truly has a life of its own!"

Thusi says her products are as natural and organic as possible. "I love using pure oils too - like argon, coconut, castor and olive oil to maintain my hair. I shared ideas on how I would improve products that are already on the market and so tailored them specifically for women who want to have healthy, happy hair that isn't subjected to harsh and unnecessary chemicals."

Like other celebrities who have launched beauty products and failed, Thusi is confident that she's sitting on a gold mine.

"The people I'm working with are key to the success of this brand. [They are] Very different women who are invested in it and understand the struggles of women and their hair. I've been very involved in developing this so I hope that edge and the integrity of my involvement with this product will give people confidence to take it home with them. With more heads involved we can ensure the success of the product," she says.

The range comprises a shampoo, a conditioner, a leave-in conditioner and oil and will be sold at Game stores from R45 to R75.

"The products are natural so anyone can use them."

Oh, just in case you were wondering: this is not the end of Thusi's television career.

[Source: Sundayworld]

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