Longnus Tha Rap Son - Biography

Longnus Tha Rap Son Biography

Country : Tanzania
Latest Song : I Got Tha Minute
Latest Music Video :

Longnus Tha Rap Son Biography

Longnus Mtokambali ( born 15 March 1995 ),better known by his stage name Longnus Tha Rap Son, is an African rapper.

He released his first mixtape in 2011; his first album Amusement Was Started To Record In 2015- 2017 The released Year Of His First Album. He' s independently Artist Who Got Big Dream.

In 2015, Longnus Tha Rap Son released track after track on the internet gaining him many supporters and fans. He used this as his inspiration to start recording his debut album " Rap Son 2015 -2017 " release Year 2017 .

The sound that defined the 90 ' s is what now defines Longnus Tha Rap Son ' s music . As a one- man band , Longnus Tha Rap Son Is Rapper, Beatmaker, performer, musician and songwriter.

His music has been desribed as melodic, aggresive and catchy .

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